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"The spiritual quest of Robert Hoo-Paris has lead him to try and catch the vibrant aspects of modern life in his paintings" newspaper "Sud-Ouest", 2000.



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Professor of biology and artist painter, I have found out the same amazement and the same challenges in front of a canvas as in front of the complex mechanisms in biology. The artist and the researcher are faced alike with the quest for truth. A harmonious balance they thought  they had found, can suddenly be disrupted by a stroke of brush in  a painting just like new data in a scientific concept. Doubt always keeps pervading their search for truth.

The painter has constantly to struggle with the matching of contrasting colours, the lines and the flat plates to eventually create some kind of harmonious scene of life on the canvas. To him,  what is called  chance plays a large part in the making of a work of art. But, the artist must constantly control it and  decide between chaos and order, fantasy and restraint, abstract and figurative painting.   









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